Who Needs A Doctor When You Have Insurance

My father used to tell me stories about some of his friends in college. My dad used to be a bit of a wild man before my mom came along. Him and his buddy spent many a nights in county lock up. His friend would sometimes use the local jail as a cheap motel instead of continuing to walk back to his dorm room. On this particular night a fierce storm was rolling in and my father and his friend was enjoying their usual night on the town. They had stopped at a few of their favourite dive bars and had a few drinks with fellow students. Things were going well until someone breached the subject of the original Star Trek being a superior film to the first Star Wars. My father was of the opinion that Star trek, although a quality program, had produced a mediocre movie at best. Star Wars on the other hand was held by him and his friends as a master piece of modern cinema and had no equal. The situation quickly escalated once someone brought up Dr. Who.

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It was not long before things took a turn for the worst. Chairs and fist began to fly as unspeakable words were spoken loudly. The fight escalated and spilled outside and into the street. My dad and his friends were back to back in a bare knuckle brawl against a group of fanatical Dr. Who fans. The original pundits of Star Trek had retreated by now saying something about maintaining the prime directive. A Dr. Who fan had run into an alley and found a trash can. He returned and hurled it at my dad who ducked as the trash can flew over his head and in to the windshield of a parked car. The fighting came to an abrupt stop as everyone turned to stare at the trash can sitting in the driver's seat of a stranger's car. A Dr. Who fan got in one more cheap punch, but what do you expect from someone who is willing to brawl over a British science fiction show.

The car turned out to belong to the owner of the bar's wife and within minutes several cops had arrived on the scene. They explained how events transpired and escalated from a simple disagreement to an all out street fight. The cops were less than sympathetic and explained how everyone should just watch M.A.S.H. and learn to get along. This almost caused a riot, but everything eventually calmed down after they maced one of the Dr. Who admires.

Apparently the owner of the car had been in dispute with her insurance company and was using a temporary insurance (which can be bought from here in the UK) while trying to find a proper replacement. The downside to this was it only covered liability and not vandalism, which is how they ended up classifying it. Everyone who fought also attended the same college and each person, even the pacifistic Star Trekkers, were forced to split the bill to replace the window and repaint the scuffed up hood.